How it works?

It is pretty simple.

For example, you wish to book a stall worth ₹ 1,00,000/-.


You can pay just ₹ 2000/- as a token amount and

18% GST on the stall price i.e. ₹ 18,000/-

Total payment= ₹ 20,000/-

You will get the credit for GST of ₹ 18,000/- in immediate cycle.

So, effectively you are booking the stall at just ₹ 2000/-.

That's it and your participation in KISAN is confirmed.

The balance amount of ₹ 98,000

has to be paid on or before 11 Nov 2019.

Unlimited Greenpass

Get 1000 Greenpass invitations worth ₹ 1,00,000 per sq.m. of space booked

Send Single Entry Greenpass
worth Rs. 100 absolutely Free
Along with invitation,
send your own digital content

Terms & Conditions*
  • You will get 1000 greenpass for every sq.m. you book.
  • You can buy additional Greenpasses at just Rs. 1/- each.
  • Please note, these Greenpasses have to be issued before 10th November 2019 and the recipient has to collect them before 15 November.
  • Post 15 November, you will get your usual quota, which can be issued till the last day of the exhibition.
  • Along with invitation, you can send promotional content such as your brochure or youtube video or image.

This is how your customers will see it:

Invited guest will receive the above SMS.

Click on the link, will land the user on the personalised branded invitation.

Here is the Greenpass of your Guest. Organisation Logo and Name will appear on it

Real Time Visitor Reorts

List View

Get to know, where visitors are coming from.

Invite your contacts from all regions.

Map View

The invited Guests list with their real-time status.

You will know when your guest accepts your invite and arrives at the venue.