Refund Policy

Reservation Cancellation & Refund:

  1. KISAN will refund amount excluding GST ( Goods and Service
    Tax) received from Exhibitor if the stall is cancelled before final payment as per schedule given in point no. III.
  2. Exhibitor agrees and understands that KISAN shall not be liable and
    responsible for any refund or claims, in the event of cancellation of the stall
    by exhibitor after choosing the location.
  3. If GSTIN is not provided at the time of initial payment, then it will affect the process of taking input credit ( as applicable under GST Act & Rules)


Change / Cancellations:

KISAN reserves the right at all times to change the dates of the exhibition due to force majeure, without the participants being able to assess rights to compensation for any loss. A registration cannot be withdrawn or altered unilaterally by the participants. The Organizer may refund the participant’s fees if the force majeure event prevails for a continuous period of 1 month. In case of cancellation due to any force majeure event reason, Organizer shall not be liable to refund any Government Tax as may be applicable. The participant agrees and understands that, if any force majeure event occurs after the commencement of the exhibition, the organisers shall not be liable to make refunds or any payments for any losses, damages, costs, that the participants may incur due to force majeure event.

Cancellation of participation:  

Cancellations must be made in writing; they cannot be taken over the phone. Cancellations are effective as of the date of receipt of your formal request.

The cancellation charges will be deducted from the paid amount and refundable as follows:

Sr. No.

Period of Cancellation

Amount Refundable


Before 30th September 2018

75% of paid Amount


Before 15th November 2018

50% of paid Amount


On or After 16th November 2018