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KISAN FORUM, has been active in the realm of Agricultural extension for the past 24 years. Our objective is to keep farmers in tune with the latest technologies and to harness emerging opportunities in transforming their lives.

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Prefabricated Stand


Prefabricated Space is stall with modular shell system panels. Each panel is of 2.4m in height & 1m in width. The name of the exhibitor appears on fascia.

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Product Description

The facilities per 9 sq. m. are:

  • 3 Chairs
  • 3 Spot Lamps
  • 1 Reception Counter
  • Carpet
  • 5 amp power point
  • Exhibitor’s name on fascia
  • Waste Basket

Additional Information

Stand Type

Corner Stand, Row Stand

Stall Area

12 sq.m, 15 sq.m, 18 sq.m, 21 sq.m, 24 sq.m, 28 sq.m, 30 sq.m, 32 sq.m, 36 sq.m, 40 sq.m, 50 sq.m, 55 sq.m, 60 sq.m, 66 sq.m, 72 sq.m