About us

KISAN FORUM, has been active in the realm of Agricultural extension for the past 24 years. Our objective is to keep farmers in tune with the latest technologies and to harness emerging opportunities in transforming their lives.


Choose your Pavilion

An arena to display the future
of irrigation.

Hand tools, Powertools, equipments, machinery, etc.

New schemes and policies of banks and financial institutions.

Products & ideas to power our villages & farming operations.

Mulching films, shade nets,
pond liner, crop cover, polyhouse sheets etc.

Fertilizers, WSF, Agro chemicals, supplements, etc.

Organic Farming Arena will present nature friendly products & solutions.

Pavilion for livestock sector.

Agri books and digital media.

Ideas and concepts for better utilization and value addition of agricultural produce.

Invites Agri produce Buyers
for sourcing and aggregation.

Seeds & planting material
for Horticulture crops.

For startups and innovators
to tap the market.

Your Tractors / Farm Machinery
and Implements. You get raw space.

Structure offers customers real experience of the features.